Pioneer In Globalization Of Iran Industries

Development Project for Phase 1 of South Pars Gas Field

Amounting to approximately $300 million, this project was implemented through EPC by a consortium composed of IDRO (50%) and Daelim of South Korea.


Development Project for Phase 6, 7 and 8of South Pars Gas Field

A contract was signed with an approximate value of $2 billion for constructing an onshore refinery at development project of South Pars ​​Phase 6, 7 and 8 as EPC joint ventured by IDRO (29%), Toyo of Japan (29%), JGC of Japan (24%) and Daelim of South Korea (18%).

Development Project for Phase 17 and 18 of South Pars Gas Field

A contract was signed with an approximate value of $4 billion for developing phases 17 and 18 of South Pars Gas Field (offshore and onshore sections) as EPC composed of IDRO (48%), Iran Marine Engineering and Construction Co. (21%) and Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Co. (31%) spearheaded by IDRO.


 Development Project for Phase 14 of South Pars Gas Field

Signing a contract on June 2010 to develop phase 14 of South Pars Gas Field (offshore and onshore sections) as EPC valued at approximately $5 billion with a consortium of IDRO as leader and other companies including Industrial Projects Management of Iran (IPMI), MAPNA, Machine Sazi Arak, Payandan, Iran Marine Engineering and Construction Co., Iran Shipbuilding Offshore Industries Co. (ISOICO) and Iranian National Drilling Company.



​​Marine Industeries​​ Projects

Azim Gostaresh Hormouz Shipbuilding Industries (AGH)

With regard to Iran’s position as one of the largest producers of oil and gas, its shipbuilding and floating overhaul capabilities as well as the increasing global demand for energy (gas and oil), AGH has put on the agenda the development of transport fleet for the vessels through establishment of a factory where giant ships are constructed and overhauled. As one of the ISOICO’s subsidiary companies,AGH was established in 2007 in order to supply the upcoming demands of the shipbuilding industry. By constructing several drydock pools for floating overhaul (14.5x80x375 m), and vessel renovation and construction pool (14.5x80x475 m), AGH has expanded the capacity of building and overhauling of giant ships through highly-skilled local professionals:
Construction and overhaul of large oil and gas tankers including VLCC tankers with a capacity of 300 thousand tons
Constructing and overhauling a wide variety of LNG carriers with a capacity of 140 thousand cubic meters
Constructing and overhauling a wide variety of container-carrying ships with a capacity of 3500 TEU in Panamax size
Constructing and overhauling a wide variety of Panamax-sized bulk carriers

 Construction of offshore drilling platforms (Jack-up)
Another activity of IDRO in the Iranian marine industries involves the construction of offshore drilling platforms with the following objectives:
Localizing the design and construction of offshore drilling rigs
Promoting the domestic manufacturers toward world-quality standards
Transfer of technical knowledge into Iran
Attaining a capability to provide technical and engineering services in the field of marine drilling rig through all the capacities in domestic manufacturers of raw materials, equipment and shipyards with the participation of international companies.

High-Tech Projects

  • Design and manufacture of a various bio implants

  • Production of biological nitrogen fertilizer based on azetobacter

  • Royan Cord Blood Bank

  • Deployment of a production line for electronic smart cards

  • Smart airbag systems for automobiles

  • Smart vehicle anti-theft system based on RFID immobilizers

  • Launching a center for designing and semi-industrial manufacturing of components and sensors based on MEMS technology

  • MAGFA messaging system

  • Production of probiotic feed supplement for livestock and poultry

  • Construction of solar panels

  • Launching a melting, casting, rolling production line for steel alloy sized belts and wires

  • Advanced carbon fiber production:

  • Production of industrial solvents;

  • Magnesium die casting production;

  • Manufacturing hemodialysis machine;


Other investment Projects

  • Production of bioethanol fuel and fermentative meal for animal feed
  • Four Tire-manufacturing projects for light and heavy vehicles
  • Production of glass fibers
  • Production of membranes



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