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  • Apr 17 2024 - 09:55
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IDRO Releases Investment Opportunities Book

Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Organization has published a book on investment opportunities to attract private sector investment in various projects.

The book, compiled by Deputy for Planning and Industrial Development of the organization, presents a collection of investment projects for collaboration with the non-governmental and private sectors.
It’s available in both Persian and English and is divided into three chapters.
The first chapter covers the missions and functions of IDRO as a development organization, the second chapter discusses the approach to selecting projects and the method of obtaining approval from various authorities, and the third chapter describes investment projects that are underway, ready for implementation, and in the preliminary review stage.
In addition to 11 ongoing projects, the organization currently has five approved projects ready for implementation, including the production of passenger car tires, glass fibers, synthetic paper, the establishment of a polyester-viscose yarn spinning line, and the construction of a warp and weft fabric weaving unit.
IDRO has also defined investments in projects in the field of advanced industries, focusing on overcoming existing technological barriers as the missing link in forming industrial value chains. Accordingly, 21 new projects have been introduced for preliminary review and ready for investment, including the production of super plus gasoline, aircraft engine parts, lithium-ion batteries, cloud computing development, 3D printing applications, wind turbines, climate restoration technology, the creation of an innovation center for manufacturing, production of acrylonitrile and omega-3 supplements, the establishment of a plasma processing refinery, development of helium extraction and liquefaction technology from natural gas, production of drug from narcotics, and the production of the amino acid lysine, among others.
IDRO hopes that the implementation of these projects will not only contribute to regional development and solve technological challenges in certain industries but also aid in the formation of industrial clusters.


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