Pioneer In Globalization Of Iran Industries
  • May 5 2024 - 09:09
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IDRO Offers to Aid Africa in Building Domestic Mining, Oil and Gas, and Processing Industries

The CEO of Iran’s Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO) has expressed readiness to collaborate with African countries to establish or complete chains of mining, oil and gas, and processing industries in the black continent.

Babak Ahmadi made these remarks during the industry-specific session of the second Iran-Africa summit, attended by ministers of industries and trade from three African countries, as well as private sector businessmen at the Industrial Management Organization Research Institute.
According to IDRO News, the organization’s CEO emphasized that developing cooperation with African countries is a priority for Iran.
He highlighted that recent studies show African countries have gained significant momentum in industrial development, with the majority of the top ten import items to the continent being industrial products and machinery.
“Statistics indicate that eight out of the top ten exporting countries to Africa are also among the top ten importers from the continent. This suggests that establishing a bilateral relationship is a suitable approach to cooperation with African countries,” Ahmadi added.
He also mentioned the vast potential of the African continent in the sectors of mining, oil and gas, and agriculture, emphasizing Iran’s readiness to assist in completing the chain of mining, oil and gas, and processing industries.
“Iran seeks an equal partnership with African countries, aiming for a win-win relationship and mutual utilization of each other’s capacities,” stated the CEO of IDRO.
Ahmadi further noted that Iran could also export technical and engineering services, as well as management development services, to Africa.
He expressed optimism that Iran and African countries would achieve a suitable level of bilateral cooperation in industrial collaborations through patience and ongoing interactions.
Ngate Robard, the Central African Republic’s Minister for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, conveyed his country’s urgent need for industrial capabilities, technical knowledge, and specialized human resources.
obard emphasized his country’s goal to expand South-South cooperation and to facilitate bilateral exports and imports to circumvent banking restrictions caused by sanctions.
Seyed Mohammad Mousavi, the Iranian Deputy Minister of Machinery and Equipment Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade; Seyed Ali Sadri, Vice President of the Industry and Mining Commission of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce; and Mansour Abtahi, Export Manager of SAIPA Automotive Group, were among the other speakers at the meeting.
ohammad Nouri Amiri, a member of the executive board and Deputy for Planning and Industrial Development of IDRO, also discussed the organization’s capacities and capabilities.
The session concluded with a Q&A segment.


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